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I want to go birding... where should I go? 

Whether you're traveling somewhere new or looking for places close to home, there are many resources available to help you decide where to go birding! We suggest using a combination of eBird, local resources and suggestions from birders to find the perfect spot.

Photo: Cory Elowe

Use eBird

Use eBird

Rapid Results in the eBird App

Want to quickly see places to bird in your immediate area? Open your eBird app and tap the “Explore” icon at the bottom right to see all the hotspots nearby! You can tap “Edit” in the top left to adjust the radius and find places within 1 to 30 miles of your current location. Tap on any hotspot to see how many birds have been seen there, get directions to the location, and view bar charts of each species seen throughout the year!


Use the button below to start exploring eBird!

From the eBird homepage, you can explore regional hotspots, explore species, get bird news and so much more!

Begin exploring eBird hotspots:

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 Check out these great tips for getting the most out of eBird

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Local Resources

Explore Local Resources

Many birding enthusiasts will share lists of their favorite local places to bird online and can be accessed by merely google searching good birding spots in a specific area. Additionally, local nature and wildlife organizations will often have knowledge on good places to bird, or can tell you who to ask!

In the Boston area? Use the Urbn Parks website to explore best birding locations in the area. You can also use filters to sort sites based on location to you and other activities that are in the area.

Click here to find Birding spots in Boston

urbn parks logo.png

Manomet, inc.

Check out some of Manomet employees' favorite hotspots around Boston and through the South Shore.


A Public Transit Guide to Urban Birding

Photo: Emily Renaud

National Audubon

National Audubon has got a number of great resources for birders, including a list of hotspots in each state! Check out which places made their list in MA by clicking the link below.

National Audubon Birding Hotspots in MA

Ask a Birder!

Ask a Birder!

Favorite birding sites according to the Mass Young Birders!

Suggestions coming soon...


Have a favorite place you like to bird in Massachusetts??

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