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MYBC Code of Conduct

The MYBC is committed to creating an inclusive and safe community through the actions of our community members (Coordinators, Mentors, Club Members, Partners, and Club Member parents) during in-person events, online interactions, and in communications. The following code of conduct outlines our expectations for community members as well as an accountability structure for anyone who violates this code.

(This code of conduct will be reviewed and updated annually or as needed with input from all members of the MYBC community. If you have ideas for changes or improvements to this code of conduct, or any concerns, please contact us.)


In general

  • Be kind and welcoming to new members.

  • Be respectful of differing identities, viewpoints, experiences, and cultures. This includes using the pronouns provided by the folks you interact with.

  • Appreciate that differences between Club Members are a strength of the club.

    • We all come from various backgrounds and have different levels of experience with the outdoors, birds, and birding.

    • This means that our club community has many different kinds and levels of knowledge.

  • Be willing to learn from others in the club.

  • Be willing to share your knowledge with others in the club.

  • Work with Coordinators, Mentors, and Club Members to build the MYBC community.

  • Help decide what kinds of events the MYBC will do.

  • Report anything that makes you uncomfortable to MYBC Coordinators (Kit, Jeremy, and Evan).

  • Acknowledge that some people might go birding more often than others, and that it is ok to bird at your own pace.

In the field

  • Respect the personal space of other Club Members, Mentors, and Coordinators.

  • At MYBC events:

    • Stay with the group.

    • Follow instructions from the trip leader.

  • Respect rules for the location you are birding (e.g., wildlife sanctuary, private property boundaries). The rules will be shared before or at the beginning of events.

  • Adhere to the ABA Code of Ethics:

    • Keeping a respectable distance from birds when trying to see/photograph them.

    • Do not disturb breeding birds, for example do not closely approach nests.

    • Do not use playback to see breeding birds.

    • Do not damage habitat in your quest to see birds.

    • Do not trespass on private property in your quest to see birds.

    • Practice awareness of yourself and other people (including non-birders) in the field.


Online events and community

  • For any interactions during virtual events (regardless of platform), only use accounts with appropriate screen names and imagery (for example avatars or profile pictures). Inappropriate screen names could include curse words, racial slurs, sexual or drug references, etc.

  • The same applies to posts on community forums such as Discord and on chats during virtual events.

  • Avatars (small profile images) should also only include appropriate content.

  • Avoid memes, posts, and videos that use humor at the expense of marginalized identities.

  • Swearing in posts, memes, and videos is discouraged even when words are not meant to hurt or attack.

Unacceptable behavior that violates guidelines

  • Bullying, trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, and personal attacks.

  • Public or private harassment, including offensive or degrading language, sending inappropriate images, or unwanted messages.

  • Exhibiting racism, sexism, ableism, classism, size-ism, homophobia, or xenophobia.

  • Making fun of others for not knowing as much about birds or birding.

  • Excluding certain members from conversations, birds, and events.

  • ‘Doxxing’ or spreading private information (for example, physical address, email, social media handle, photos, private conversations) without explicit permission.

If guidelines are violated

  • Depending on the severity of the violation, there are several possible consequences:

    • Discussion with Coordinators.

    • Apology to others in the club.

    • For Club Members, informing parents/guardians.

    • Immediate removal from the MYBC event.

    • A “cool off” period where members may not attend MYBC events.

    • Removal from MYBC altogether.

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