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Introducing eBird

eBird is the #1 tool for finding places to go birding, as well as looking up where and when you can see a specific bird in the area near you. 

eBird is a community science project. That means that all the information you see about birds and birding spots on eBird was submitted by a community member just like you. Whenever you go birding, you can also contribute to eBird by submitting a checklist of the birds you saw. You can even share your checklists with friends. We will do this on all of our MYBC field trips!

To get started with eBird, read all about it below!

A male Indigo Bunting perched and singing on bright green leaves.

Indigo Bunting by Cory Elowe

Getting Started with eBird

Create an account

You will need to create a free account by providing an email, and coming up with a username and password. Follow the instructions on the screen. And just like that, you have an eBird account!

Get the app

eBird has an app for both iPhone and Android. Download the app and follow instructions to link it to your eBird account. You can do a lot on the app, such as search for where to go birding and record the birds you are seeing when you go birding. On MYBC field trips, your coordinators and guides will be using this app to record the birds we're seeing.

Questions about how to use eBird?

We're here for you! Email or message your coordinators or fellow young birders that use eBird. Ask us at an MYBC event. 

eBird also has some detailed answers to frequently asked questions.

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