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A Northern Cardinal female perched in some gray branches near red berries.
Northern Cardinal by Evan Dalton

New To Birding?

If you're interested in birds and want to go out and look for them, congratulations -- you're a birder! As a birder, you can do anything from watch birds at a bird feeder, search around your neighborhood, hangout on a bench at the park, or try to track down new types of birds near and far. You can bird by yourself, or with your friends and family.

At the Massachusetts Young Birders Club, you join a community of other people your age to bird together and deepen your connection to birds and nature.

What do you need to go birding?

We recommend:

  • Something to help you see birds like binoculars.

  • Something to help you identify the birds you see like a field guide or app.

  • Comfortable clothing.

Come to any of our activities and we'll provide binoculars and field guides to help you see and identify birds.

Getting birding gear of your own doesn't need to be expensive. And there are many places close to where you live to go birding. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

Guide To Birding Gear And Safety

From binoculars to bird identification, down to how to safely bird, we've got you covered.

A hand holding up binoculars.

Binoculars - Seeing Birds Closer

Open bird guides lying on a table.

Apps and Field Guides to Help You ID Birds

The tips of boots in snow.

Birding Safety

An Eastern Screech Owl in a tree cavity.
Eastern Screech-Owl by Cory Elowe

So you've found a bird...
now what?

Let's say you "get eyes" on a bird. Now that you're watching it, you want to know what kind of bird it is. How do you break a bird down to ID it?

For example, both of these birds are Owls, but they are different kinds of owls. How can you tell them apart?

A Barred Owl's face.
Barred Owl by Cory Elowe

How to ID a Bird

Where To Go Birding?

Regardless of where you live, there are birds all around you and your neighborhood. But aside from your immediate environment, there's an easy way to learn about places to bird, both close to you and further away.

Intro to Birding Videos

Watch these short videos with tips and tricks to get started birding!

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