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February Group Feeder Watch, Zoom

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Mass young birders and club coordinator pose for a screenshot during our February Group Feeder Watch.

Back by popular demand! We held our second Group Feeder Watch over Zoom on Saturday, February 12. Our club members led the way around the US, Canada, South Africa, and Europe, as we admired species checking out bird feeders. One of the group's favorite cameras was the Great Horned Owl sitting tight on its nest. Daring Carolina Chickadees and other smaller birds foraged around in the nest of the sleepy looking owl -- we were surprised at how daring they were!

A cheeky Northern Flicker in the Mountains of West Texas stares into the Feeder Camera seemingly into our group hangout.

We saw some amazing closeup views of birds, like the above photo of the Northern Flicker! Watching birds like this at feeders allows us to notice field marks that are difficult to spot with binoculars. Talking together about those markings and the differences among species is a great way to get to know what kinds of birds are out there.

We hope that you can join our next Virtual Group Feeder watch on March 19th. We also have an in-person waterfowl watch coming up on March 5th! Check-out our Upcoming Events Page for details.

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