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Bird Feeders and Nest Cameras for our Group Feeder & Nest Watch Events

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Nest Cameras

Nest cameras are remote cameras set-up on an area where birds have been known to nest in the past or on an area where a bird makes an early nest. Usually, it is easier to install cameras and see birds that nest in cavities or on open platforms compared to those that nest in trees in the forest. Cameras allow us to admire animal behaviors that are often missed during a bird walk like, egg hatching, feeding, and predation. Checking in on nest cameras often also give us the AWESOME opportunity to watch chicks develop and grow.

Royal Albatross Taiaroa Head, New Zealand

Bald Eagle Northeast Florida

Bermuda Petrel Nonsuch Island, Bermuda

Osprey Captiva, Florida

Lance-tailed Manikin Lek perch, Panama

Red-tailed Hawk, Ithaca, New York

Great Horned Owl, Savannah, Georgia, Angle 1

Great Horned Owl, Savannah, Georgia, Angle 2

Barred Owl, Indianapolis, IN

White Stork, Czech Republic

Blue Tit, Recke, Germany, Angle 1

Blue Tit, Recke, Germany, Angle 2

Peregrine Falcon, Anacapa, CA

Peregrine Falcon, Belgium

Red-tailed Hawk, Ithaca, NY

Long-eared Owl, Tiszavasvári, Hungary

Tawny Owl, Szokolya, Hungary

Little Owl, Tiszalök, Hungary

Barn Owl, Israel


Bird Feeders

Bird feeders provide birds with important nutrients and us humans with amazing close-up views of birds. Club members and club organizers hangout on Zoom to visit bird feeders from all over the world to chat about what we're seeing. The bird feeders listed below offer us the opportunity to travel across the globe to the backyards of avid birders, like yourselves ;) Check out our events page for upcoming feeder watches and synopses of past watches.

Ithaca, New York

Akron, Ohio

Studio City, California

Ontario, Canada

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Pretoria, South Africa

Tresna, Poland

Sachatamia Lodge, Ecuador

El Valle de Antón, Panama

Recke, Germany

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