Bird banding demonstration May 29th, 9 AM, at Manomet, Plymouth, MA

Updated: May 26

Have you ever seen a bird up close? Do you want to see how scientists keep track of individual birds? Join the Mass Young Birders Club on Saturday, May 29th at 9:00 AM for a bird banding demonstration at Manomet Bird Observatory! At Manomet, scientists put bands on birds to study bird behavior, and the health of bird populations around the world. To band the birds, scientists must catch them first! We will visit the Manomet banding lab and get an up-close look at the birds as they are being banded -- plus, we'll get to release them back to their natural habitat.

We're looking forward to seeing you and your fellow club members on May 29th. If this is your first MYBC activity, we're excited to meet you!

Pictures from our visit to Manomet's Banding Lab in October 2021. (Left) A club member with dark hair wearing a blue jacket shares a moment with a recently banded Gray Catbird, held by banding lab director Evan Dalton. (Center) Club members and parents stand in a sun-soaked lawn looking up at the surrounding trees for signs of birds. (Right) A Cerulean warbler, just before release, showing a mix of aquamarine, yellow, and blue-gray feathers. Read more about our last visit to Manomet's Banding Lab at our Past Events page.

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Time: 9:00 am-11:00 am

Location: Manomet Bird Observatory, Plymouth, MA

Accessibility information:

We’ll meet at the parking lot at the intersection of Off Point Road and Stage Point Road. From there, there will be a short dirt and crushed stone trail with small steps to the Manomet campus. For anyone with access needs, there is also an option to drop off at the Manomet campus itself at the end of Stage Point Road, as well as handicapped parking spaces. At Manomet, a flat concrete path connects the parking area to the banding lab. The area around the banding lab consists of flat grass, trees, several benches, and dirt trails. Public transit is not available at this location.

Restrooms are available.

COVID precautions:

We will maintain social distancing and shared equipment will be sanitized between use.

What to bring:

Binoculars, telescopes, and field guides will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. Be sure to check the weather before coming to the event to dress appropriately! Remember your water, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

Land Acknowledgement - The Hingham area was stewarded by generations of the Massachusett and Wampanoag peoples.

This is a free event, but Registration is Required

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