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A Pine Warbler perched in a conifer tree.

The Massachusetts Young Birders Club (MYBC) Welcomes You!

Pine Warbler by Evan Dalton

About the Club

Many people think bird-watching is an activity just for older people, but that's not true! Birds are all around us, from parks and forests to downtown city centers. And young people with an interest in nature and birds are everywhere. The MYBC was originally founded in 2014 for young folks to meet each other and develop their interests in nature and birds. All Club Members have a say in how the club is run, and have chances to take on leadership roles and give back to their communities. Membership and club activities are free!

Members of the Holyoke Boys and Girls Club birding with the Eagle Eye Institute and MYBC. Children using binoculars and listening to MYBC speaker.

MYBC and the Eagle Eye Institute lead a birding event for the Holyoke Boys and Girls Club by Justin Bresnahan


A Common Loon out on the water.

Common Loon by Evan Dalton

A group of Sanderlings on the beach, tucking their faces into their wings to rest.

Sanderlings by Evan Dalton

A male Black and White Warbler perched on a thorny branch.

Black and White Warbler by Evan Dalton

Level up 
your connection to birds and nature

Meet friends your age and build a community

Develop your skills such as Teamwork, Nature Exploration, Communication,
and Leadership

A Mourning Dove standing on some pink paving stones.

Mourning Dove by Evan Dalton

Make a Donation

The MYBC uses donations to cover operational costs, purchase birding gear for club outings, and to compensate our wonderful volunteers when possible.

It is also possible to donate used birding gear to MYBC (please fill out the contact form below to donate used birding gear).

A Wild Turkey in a field.

Wild Turkey by Evan Dalton

Contact the Massachusetts
Young Birders Club

Thanks! We'll get back to you soon!

A Black Crowned Night Heron staring straight at you.

Black Crown Night Heron by Evan Dalton

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