In 2014 a small group of dedicated, youth birders joined together and created the Massachusetts Young Birders Club (MYBC), an informal coalition of like-minded youth birders. They held several meet-up field trips each year and expanded club membership. But, after several years, the MYBC leadership migrated onward as they aged-out of the club. Eventually the number of organized field trips dwindled. This left a need that we are seeking to meet and exceed.

In early 2018, Manomet biologist and educator, Evan Dalton met with a few founding members of the MYBC to talk about having Manomet function as a parent organization to the club. This was agreed upon as the benefits are numerous, including nonprofit status, a framework for recruitment and leadership, and the appropriate legal protections for a working youth organization. Since these early meetings, Dalton has communicated with organizers of youth birding clubs in other states and performed the legal due diligence to ensure a club that is safe and prepared. Two other coordinators at the UMass Amherst (Jeremy Spool and Kit Straley) have joined to help with coordination, recruitment and fundraising in the western portion of the state as well as to assist with fine-tuning the initial structure of the organization.


Our Goals

The Massachusetts Young Birders Club has the following objectives:

  1. To foster an interest in birding among people ages 10-20 in Massachusetts.

  2. To offer a fun and safe community for young birders in Massachusetts.

  3. To provide positive role models and the safest possible environment for MYBC events.

  4. To foster knowledge and love of nature, and bring youth awareness and action to conservation issues affecting birds in Massachusetts and beyond.

  5. To offer monthly activities including field trips, workshops, and meetings in both the eastern and western portions of the state.

  6. To offer and maintain a website and a discussion group (via Facebook or another site) to facilitate communication among Massachusetts young birders.

  7. To cultivate youth members’ interest in potential career options related to birds, the natural sciences, and conservation.

  8. To build partnerships and foster relationships with other nature and birding groups in New England and beyond.

  9. To develop and share best practices in youth birding experiences and education.

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